This classic premium eraser easily removes pencil marks. Soft pliable rubber elastomer compound is easy to maneuver and does not tear paper. For everyone from students to serious artists. Eraser is self-cleaning and smudge resistant, so your paper stays clean. Limited warranty guarantees product for 2 years from date of original purchase against defects...


One big pink eraser - smudge free. Perfect for school, office, and home. 


Use this non-abrasive eraser for working on delicate surfaces such as drafting films and tracing papers. Multipurpose eraser works wonders on absorbing graphite as well as erasing India ink. 3 pack.


Eraser pack includes three big pink erasers and five eraser caps. Smudge free erasers. 


These caps have a wedge shaped design for at home, office, or school. Easy and economical way to replace worn out pencil erasers. Assorted colors, 40 count.

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