Why go through the time and energy-draining experience
of fighting crowds while sifting through aisles of unorganized
supplies to fill your child's school supply list? Shouldn't there be
an easier way to get all your child's supplies to their classroom
in time for the new year? Great news! We take that part of
getting ready for the new school year and eliminate all the
headaches you're used to dealing with.

Once you place your school supply kit order with us, we will pack
it and deliver it to your child's school for FREE! Even better, it will
be there waiting for you during sneak-a-peek or meet-and-greet
dates where you get to know your child's teachers. No extra fee's,
no wasted time, no headaches.

If you would prefer to have your child's kit sent to your home, we
are happy to oblige and will ship it to your home one week before
your child's school year begins for $8.95 (per kit). Since we
assemble all the kits for a school at one time (keeping costs low
for you) we are unable to ship kits to homes before July 10th.